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I'm Tiana. I am a Wedding Filmmaker. 

Here are a few things about me....


I am 24 years old. I live in South-West

Ontario, where the Lake Huron runs through our veins. I'm an advocate of travelling and I'm willing to come to wherever you're celebrating. I believe in purpose & when I'm not shooting videos I enjoy helping others learn about Bible truths. I speak fluent French and I'm also a part time online english teacher for students in China. I'm all about getting out there to meet new people, experiences and places! Sketching, Playing guitar and River-dance all have a big place in my heart. I want to know what inspires you!


 I fell in love with filmmaking for the meaningful stories it allowed me to tell and relive in vivid colour. Remember...this is about YOU. There are days you'll want to remember forever and ...ever. Whether it's a moment that happens once in a lifetime or every day. These are wild & indescribable feelings ; heartbeat occasions that make up your person, your perspective, your world. Thats where I come in. 

  Your wedding day is important to me. If you hire Inside Out Films, then you see your day like a canvas waiting to be painted radiantly. If you're a hopeless romantic, adventurous soul and taking chances type, then you're in the right place. My hope is to team up with you and create video art unique to your story and originally styled to include all the passion and thrill alongside those quiet, romantic and serene moments. To relive your story InsideOut. To do this I'll need you to trust fall into my creative process. 


  I believe in making authentic films that portray the dreams and lovestruck feelings you chased as a child ; the energy that fuels your love story, devotion and sense of inspiration! 


I'm in love with the little things that make your story unique

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